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Expert Home Additions in the Waltham, MA Region

At Harvey Remodeling, we build home additions for Waltham, Massachusetts area homeowners. Our home addition services include kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling, roofing and siding services, windows & doors, porches & decks, and many other services.

No matter what home improvement project you want to undertake, our team of expert craftsmen and award-winning design specialists can help you bring it to life.

Why Choose Harvey Remodeling for Your Next Home Addition?

Many homeowners expect remodeling projects to be stressful. After all, they involve lots of decisions, expense, and a perpetually dusty home. With our service, you can count on a much more positive experience.

Our experienced team of home renovation professionals will provide an efficient, friendly, and streamlined process to execute your vision and provide the home addition you deserve. When you choose Harvey Remodeling for your next home addition project, you can expect:

  • Professional craftsmanship – Our expert teams have been doing this for a long time, so we know how to provide convenient and effective service while minimizing hassle and clutter along the way.
  • Award-winning design support – Our design experts will help you fully realize your aesthetic vision for any space within your home. We’ll assist you from start to finish to make sure the final project aligns with your initial vision.

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At Harvey Remodeling, the roots of our business started way back in the 1920’s. With over a century providing home improvement services for local residents, we have the skills, know-how and design vision to bring your dream home addition to life. To learn more about our home additions for homes in the Waltham, MA region, give us a call today!