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Do you sometimes feel cramped or feel like your rooms are shrinking? It might be your walls. You can use some design tips and tricks with colors that open up a room and make it look bigger.

1. White – The first color people think of when they want to make a room larger in a home remodel is always white. Yes, white does the best job of brightening up a room and adding a wide-open feel. While some whites have tinges of green, blue, gray or even pink, look for a just plain dazzling white paint. One option is Super White from Benjamin Moore.

2. Pastels – Want a more interesting alternative than white? Any light, pastel color or barely-there hue can have a similar effect. Avoid flat and matte finishes. Make your walls expand while they’re standing still with a stain or eggshell-type paint finish. Putting other reflective surfaces in the room takes the concept one step further. Try using mirrors, glossy flooring and other shiny materials.

3. Ceiling – Have you ever wondered why some people paint the ceiling white in every room? It makes their rooms look bigger. White ceilings present the optical illusion of being a little higher, which makes the room look both larger and brighter.

4. Blue – Choose a medium or smoky blue that reminds you of the sea. When used throughout a space, it adds depth and a cozy mood that make you forget the room is small. It also goes with nearly any color for furniture and deco, creating a soothing mood. Consider Benjamin Moore Venezuelan Sea.

5. Windows – Let in the light. Natural lighting brightens up the colors in a room like nothing else. It adds dimension and creates an open feeling. When possible, consider using glass doors, bay windows or floor-length windows to create a completely different atmosphere. Don’t cover up your windows with draperies; use sheers or minimal window treatments for an even more spacious effect.

If you’re interested in making your rooms look bigger, there are different techniques that your Harvey Remodeling design team can use to do just that with your next remodel. Contact us today to set up an appointment for consultation at 508-842-0404.