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Lighting is something people sometimes take for granted. Whether you walk into a room that’s full of natural light from your windows or you flip the switch, the lighting style and type is what transforms your space. Go beyond a table lamp with a shade in every room, embracing new lighting styles for your home as part of your next renovation project with Harvey Remodeling and Design.

Be Creative
Focus on creativity and artistic flair. It’s a great way to express your style. Enhance a room with lighting fixtures whether they hang from the ceiling, like a pendant or chandelier, or have a low profile with a contemporary design. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain of traditional lighting styles for each room.

•    Chandeliers don’t have to be hung in the dining room. Put one in the bedroom or bathroom.
•    Contemporary or ornamental lighting can find a place besides your living room. Consider the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.
•    Coordinate metal fixtures with the hardware in the room. Don’t be shy to introduce bright colors and bold patterns into the same space.

Put up wall sconces to illuminate dark areas while adding a decorative element to the atmosphere. Sconces work well in small spaces with limited lighting resources. Use colors and themes for new styles in your home’s accent lighting.

Floor Lamps
The versatility of movement and wide range of styles for floor lamps makes them ideal for dark corners and mood lighting.

Give your rooms a balanced look by layering your lighting. Use different types to create more functional and decorative styles throughout your home.
•    Accent Lighting – Highlight architecture and some decoration
•    Task Lighting – Improve visibility in an area specifically suited to a particular task or activity area
•    Ambient Lighting – General lighting creates even brightness across the room.

Dimmer Switches
Create a different mood by raising or lowering the light brightness. The dining room is a perfect example. When it’s full of family and friends, turn up the chandelier lights. Dim them for a romantic dinner for two.

Automatic Illumination
Give a nod to technology. Use automatic sensor lights to illuminate a room when someone walks into it. Infrared motion sensors can spur the lights to come on in your laundry room, a dark hallway or the bathroom. It’s ideal for places where you either have your hands full or you’re walking in the dark.

Discover some of the lighting options that can make your home bright and beautiful. Ask your Harvey Remodeling and Design team for some new lighting ideas when you visit our Design Center in Shrewsbury.

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