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If you’re looking into a kitchen remodel for your home, you’ll quickly discover that most of the appliances available are geared towards energy-efficiency and time-savers. Let’s take a look of some of the latest trends in kitchen appliances.

High End Kitchen Appliances


  • If you cook for a crowd even a few times a year, look for a double oven. You can set the units at two different temperatures for different items.
  • The Advantium oven speed cooks food about eight times faster than a conventional oven. Use it as a second oven and as a microwave. It doesn’t have to be preheated.
  • A convection oven cooks food at about 25 degrees lower and 75 percent faster. A top, back and bottom heating element brings the full effect.


  • Induction cooking uses a ceramic cooktop and an electromagnetic system underneath. It works more quickly and saves more energy compared to a conventional electric stove or gas range.


  • Refrigerators with automatic ice makers and dispensers use up to 20 percent more energy than those without.
  • Refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom use as much as 10 to 25 percent more energy than models with one on top.
  • Look for French door models with a separate temperature for the middle drawer.
  • Some refrigerators will sound an alarm when the door has been left open too long and is warming up the space inside.

Microwave Ovens

  • The wattage in your microwave affects cooking time. It also affects the amount of energy used.