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Remodeling Easier than you Imagined.

How long is the bathroom renovation going to take?  Do you have more than one bath? Or will your remodeler need to make accommodations, like replacing you’re your toilet each night? Are you planning a vacation? That might be a great time to remodel your bath if you only have one.  If speed is important, (and who really doesn’t want it done quickly) then having all of your choices made ahead of time before construction begins is the best way to ensure the job progresses as quickly as possible.  If you have an alarm system and you are not going to be home, will you leave it off, or get a special code for the remodeler? How will your remodel affect your pets? Will they be frightened by a new person in the home? Or for their safety, will you need to keep them in another part of your home during the work hours?

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