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The entryway to your home is the first thing your guests see when they come to your house. It’s the last thing they see when they leave. Your front entrance is also a welcome area for you and your family when you come home from another day at work or at school. Revamp your entryway on the inside and the outside to make it more cozy and more welcoming for everyone as part of a home renovation.

Your visitors’ first impression of your home is when they pull up at the curb. If your home has a flat front door, creating a grander entrance will make your home look truly special. Add some accessories to the entryway for a more personal touch. Choose a door style and a glossy color that makes a statement.

Making an Entrance
Create an area of welcome surrounding your front door. There are several ways to add depth, dimension and an element of grandeur to your home by remodeling the exterior front entryway.

•    Porches – Create a covered entry to protect guests from the sun, wind and rain when they come to call. Decorate with furniture and some outdoor accents to add personality to your space.

•    Porticos – A covering supported by columns creates a more formal and prominent front door. It also provides a little protection from the elements.

•    Veranda – A front veranda puts covering over the extended front of your home, complete with a railing. It expands square footage and makes the setting a bit more casual.

Benches outside your front door add a cozy touch to make your guests feel welcome. It’s also a nice place for you to sit outside and enjoy the neighborhood scenery. If a bench is too big, you can always use an outdoor chair instead.

Guests might be looking for a house number. Is yours visible? Whether your house number is displayed on the top of your porch roof or on your mailbox, make it quick to find and easy to read. The pizza delivery driver and the mail carrier will also thank you. A few different materials for numbers are in vogue.
•    Brushed nickel
•    Black metal
•    Brass

Create a well-lit entrance and walkway to enhance safety, security and style.
•    Outdoor lamppost by the front walk
•    Wall-mounted fixtures on either side of the door

Create a walkway that extends from the street or driveway up to your front door. Make it wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side. An elevated front doorstep makes more of a statement. If you have friends or family members with mobility issues, avoid steps and use a graduated ramp that slopes up toward the doorway. Add lighting for nighttime with landscaping on either side of the walk to lead your guests to their destination.

The indoor entryway and foyer create a place to welcome guests in from the outdoors. Revamp the indoor layout as part of your home remodel. Set the tone the moment the front door opens.

Create a cozy nook that offers hooks for coats and a table for the mail. Avoid clutter by offering a hidden storage area.

Bright, white and light colors are in trend for the entryway. They open up the space and create a clean look. Coordinate featured colors with splashes of matching accents in the front area, from window treatments to banisters to flooring. A runner  leading from your front door into your domain protects your floors, welcomes guests and adds a splash of color.

Make sure that the front entryway is well lit. Use natural lighting to enhance the space.
•    Table lamps
•    Overhead light fixtures
•    Natural lighting from windows

Add some elegance to your remodel with some artwork in the front hall or foyer. Maintain themes and colors with distinctive art.
•    Mirrors
•    Decorative accents
•    Framed photography or artwork

Transform your front entrance into a place that welcomes you and your guests in from the outside world. For more ideas, visit our Additions and Renovations Photo Gallery.

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