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If you’ve owned and lived in your own home for any period of time, you’ve probably considered remodeling at least once. You may have even had some remodeling done on your home already. Nearly all homes need to be remodeled at some point, either to prevent damage by installing a new roof or to improve the way you and your family live. Clients often report similar feelings that let them know its time to remodel. Whether these signs appear, and in which order, depends on the age of the home and the stage of life you are in. Here are a few things that you can look for when you’re trying to decide if a remodel will improve your life.

You’re Embarrassed to Entertain

No one wants to be embarrassed to entertain because of how their home looks. If you’ve ever wanted to host a dinner party or your grown children and their families for the holidays, but balked because your kitchen was too small or you were worried about the way it looks, it may be time to remodel. Think about how fun and easy it would be to host that party with a sparkling new beautiful kitchen. There are options for almost every budget. Your kitchen designer will listen to you describe how you and your family live and entertain, and design a kitchen that fulfills your needs and improves your life.

There’s Too Much Clutter

Are your rooms cluttered with stuff? Perhaps your family is overwhelming the space you have.  If your home is beginning to feel cramped and you need some room to breathe, it might be time to remodel. You can add onto your home or remodel your existing space to achieve a better use of the square footage. Adding a family room or a basement remodel can be an excellent idea to increase living and entertaining areas, and is especially popular with families whose kids need a place to run and freedom to play. A kitchen remodel with an improved layout and additional storage can go a long way to a clutter-free home.

The Bathroom Is a Battle Ground

Whether it’s dealing with the grout around the tiles or staking your territory around the sink, the tension a dated or too-small bathroom can create is palpable. When you find yourself fighting for counter space or your turn to wash up, it may be time to remodel the bathroom. Adding a second sink and a larger countertop or vanity can dramatically improve your morning routine. This way, you and your partner can brush your teeth or apply makeup and perform your daily routines at the same time without impacting each other. If you’re looking for more bathroom space, consider adding another full bath to your home. An additional bathroom can help the whole family get out the door faster and provide a private retreat. Often times however, a remodel of your current bath can improve the functioning and ease the cleaning tasks of your bathroom without adding on.

These are just a few of the signs that you might benefit from a home remodel. If you’re considering a home renovation, be sure to contact professionals who can help you improve your home properly and safely, and ensure you will love it for years to come! Check out some of the previous projects done by the Harvey Remodeling design+build team in our Photo Gallery for ideas.

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