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Remodeling Easier than you Imagined.

Are you frightened by your laundry room? If it’s a little spooky – and not just on Halloween – consider making some of these changes with a remodel. Create a more pleasant atmosphere with these tips to make your laundry room work better for you.

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1. Install a Deep Sink – Since you’ll need water access in your laundry room anyway, why not install a deep sink for special projects? You’ll be able to rinse out buckets and larger items. It’s also the ideal place to bathe your pet. Use a pull-down nozzle or a touchless faucet for the messiest chores, like cleaning your muddy boots or pre-treating stained clothing.

2. Add Open Shelving – Maximize your space. Use open shelving to make things easy to access. A height of about five feet is a comfortable reach for most people. Put more frequently used items on lower shelves, and things you use less often on higher levels. You can also add open shelves below a folding countertop space to do away with clutter. You’ll feel more organized, and you’ll have even more space than you imagined.

3. Create an Ironing Center – A built-in cabinet improves the convenience of using your ironing board. A pull-down model can fold up into the wall, or try a turn and pull version for more slender spaces. Stow your iron, starch and other supplies in the cabinet as well. Check with your remodeling design team to make sure you have an electrical outlet nearby to plug in your iron and your steamer. An ironing center can be installed between your wall studs so that it won’t protrude as much into the room, or just use the space below for more storage.

4. Raise Your Washer and Dryer – For those with front-loading appliances, change your set-up to be more ergonomic and less cumbersome by raising your washer and dryer. A comfortable loading height is approximately three feet from the ground. Add custom cabinets underneath them to make loading and unloading your clothes easier on your back. This also provides more storage space for laundry supplies.

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