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When people think about kitchen remodeling they often think about the wide variety of exciting choices in cabinetry and countertops, but flooring is also important to the overall look and function of your new kitchen. If you’re interested in beautiful floors that are easy to maintain and sustain high traffic well, here are a few ideas to consider:

hardwood kitchen floors

  • Cork – You’ll love the look and feel of cork floors. They’re a green material that’s available in a wide array of colors and a multitude of patterns. Cover the area under your kitchen chairs with an area rug for added protection, and you’ll have the ideal kitchen flooring that lasts for years.
  • Natural Stone – Look at sealed granite and travertine for a formal and polished effect. Slate provides texture and a more rustic appeal. They’re easy to care for and come in a surprisingly broad selection of colors and designs.
  • Laminate – If you crave the old standby of hardwood kitchen floors with the ease of modern maintenance, consider laminate flooring. Some of today’s patterns truly capture the look. If you’re interested in ceramic, but you don’t want the stain or break factor, a laminate look-alike might work for you.
  • Hardwood – One of the most popular kitchen flooring options, hardwood floors come in a wide variety of species and colors. Or, if you already have traditional hardwood floors in your kitchen and you don’t want to part with them, consider a refinish instead.
  • Ceramic – Ceramic tile comes in a vast selection of colors, sizes, shapes, patterns and finishes. It’s durable and long-lasting under heavy foot traffic and is easy to care for with a broom and a damp mop.

If we’re cooking up a kitchen remodel for you, flooring is just one of the areas we will discuss to ensure your kitchen is just right for you. To see how our Designers have employed flooring in their kitchen designs, check out some of the  kitchen remodeling project photos on our website.

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