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One reason homeowners get excited about kitchen remodeling projects is because they can include some of the most innovative new designs and trends available today. There are many different choices in kitchen countertops, from the durability of natural stone to the creativity of concrete to the traditional patterns of laminate surfaces. All materials are available in a wide range of colors. Here’s a quick look at some of the choices in countertops for your home’s kitchen remodeling project.


One of the most popular kitchen countertop materials for its luster and durability is engineered quartz. It’s available through a distributor or manufacturer. This crystallized mineral is also available cut in slabs from a rock quarry.

White Granite Countertops


If you like the sleek look and feel of natural stone, you’ll probably love this durable material for its resistance to heat, stains and rough handling. Have granite¬†polished and sealed for best results in your kitchen remodel.

Granite Countertops


If you are looking for an affordable choice, consider laminate. It is available in patterns resembling wood grains, speckled stones and other dynamic patterns. It is easy to clean and new applications are increasing interest in this popular choice from the past.


If you’re partial to artistry and creativity, a concrete countertop can hold endless possibilities, like embedded shells or recycled glass, stamped imprints, or formed overlays finished with exquisite polishes and stains. It won’t look like a concrete surface when it’s complete, but it has the durability you might expect.

While you’re looking for ways to update your kitchen, check out photos from some of the local kitchen remodeling projects we’ve done.

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