3 Things to Consider in your Boston Kitchen with an Island

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Boston kitchen with an Island

Client’s often have an island at the top of their wish list when they remodel their Boston kitchen. An island is a great way to take advantage of unused space in the middle of the kitchen and provide additional storage, seating and work surfaces. It is important to consider the size and layout of your kitchen and how you will use your island, when planning your kitchen. Three important decisions are the height of your island, the placement of your seating and the style of your stools.

Island height

How high do you want your island to be? Most islands are designed to be at one of two heights: counter height or multi-level with bar height seating. Counter height is the most commonly used in our projects. The counter on the island is the same height as the counters on the perimeter cabinetry. Counter height islands offer uninterrupted lines of sight in the kitchen. It is also easier and safer for children and the elderly, and stools that fit perfectly are readily available.

Multi-height islands typically have one side that is counter height and may contain a sink or stove, and another side that is bar height. Clients who choose multi-level islands like that the bar side can hide clutter and other kitchen items from view. If a stove or sink is incorporated in one side, the bar height also provides some protection to the people seated from splashing or splatters. Many clients also enjoy the bar height side as a handy serving station for buffets. No one choice is right for everyone; your kitchen designer will listen to you and help you decide which style is best for your kitchen.


Seating Placement

Will you have seating at your island? The options are as varied as islands themselves. A single row of stools on one side has long been a popular option in Boston kitchens with an island. This is a great choice when one side of the island has a dedicated use like a sink or stove and one side will be used for eating or for children enjoying a snack or doing homework. This can also be the best choice when there is only room for a smaller island.

Sitting and having a conversation is a little more natural when there are stools on two or more sides of the island.  It is easier to speak to someone looking at them than sitting next to them facing the same way. If your family eats most of its meals at the island instead of at the kitchen table, as many people now do, consider and island with stools on two or three sides. The seating can be placed at one end of the island to preserve plenty of places for cabinetry.

Seating styles

The type of chairs at your island can impact the use and look of your kitchen. Stools can tuck nicely under the counter and are out of the line of site of the kitchen. They are perfect for a place to sit for a chat or cup of coffee. Stools with backs offer more comfortable seating for longer periods of time. The material used and style will contribute more to the overall feel of the kitchen and should be carefully considered and discussed with your designer. For more inspiration for your Boston kitchen with an island visit our Kitchen Gallery.