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There’s nothing like including beautiful hardwood flooring in your home remodel. They add sophistication and beauty to your favorite living spaces, not to mention an increase in value to your home.

  • Oak – One of the most popular and traditional hardwoods, oak is available in red and white varieties. Both have a hardness rating of medium. White oak heartwood is pale brown with a slight gray, silver or pink tone. Red oak is a light wood with reddish tones.
  • Maple – Sugar maple has a hardness rating that’s above average. Known for its distinctive grain, choose from light brown with reddish tones to a creamy white wood.
  • Walnut – Brazilian walnut and American black walnut are two types of darker hardwoods gaining popularity. The Brazilian variety ranges from dark brownish-black to medium brown and has consistent tones. It has one of the hardest ratings available. In contrast, American black walnut is softer than average. It has very dark brown to black coloring with a purple cast. The heartwood is typically much darker than the sapwood. It can be blended in the manufacturing process for a less dramatic look.
  • Tigerwood – If you’re looking for a an eye-catching wood with an above-average hardness rating, consider Tigerwood. It ranges from a rich orange-red to a pale cream color. It has an exotic pattern with strong streaks.

Thinking about hardwoods for flooring choices? We have some samples of different flooring materials in our Design Center. Be sure to ask your Harvey design team what they look like when you meet for your remodeling consultation.

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