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The laundry room is often considered the least attractive room in the house. The mudroom is usually next on the list, unless the two rooms are combined. While they’re typically a transitional utility room with backdoor access, they can have their own charm and style, just like any other room in your house. Take advantage of this space with these 5 ways to make the most out of your mudroom or laundry room.

1. Put in some shelves. Ever feel like you don’t have enough storage in your house? Add shelving and cubbyholes in your mudroom to handle sporting equipment, briefcases and more.

2. Add some hooks and a hanging rack. The best way to help your family stay organized is to give them a place to put things that they use every day. Hooks and hangers can minimize the need to sling items over a chair back or leave them in a pile in the most convenient room. Put some hooks for book bags and knapsacks near the door. A shelf with a rack for hangers makes it convenient to put up hats, raincoats and winter coats when they’re not needed without taking up precious closet space in the bedroom or front hall.

3. Decorate. Make the most out of your mudroom or laundry room by giving it a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Use cheerful colors on the walls and cabinetry. Hang some artwork. Offer more than one lighting option, putting switches at all entry points to the room. Provide comfortable seating for taking off shoes or waiting for the dryer to finish. A shoe shelf next to the ground comes in handy for days that are plagued with rain or snow.

4. Install a wash-up area. Your laundry room already has water access, and if it also serves as your mudroom, you can enhance this space with a separate sink, countertop and towel station. Create an area to wash hands or dry off from the rain. Hang a mirror above the sink for that last-minute check before running out the door.

5. Enclose some spaces. Make the room less utilitarian. Your washer and dryer can be tucked away behind gliding doors until you’re ready to use them. Shelving enclosed in closet space makes the room guest-ready when your kids bring their friends in through the back door.15 important questions to ask before you begin your remodel

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