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Remodeling Easier than you Imagined.

It’s common knowledge that there will be some dust and disruption in the home during a remodeling project. In most cases, certain parts of your house will be unusable while the work is being done. With a little bit of planning and preparation before the project begins, you can make it a little less stressful and feel more comfortable during this time.

1. Use rolling storage units. Pick up some carts with wheels for items you need regularly while their normal storage places are off-limits. For example, linens, utensils, food and dishes are just a few things you’ll want access to during a kitchen remodeling project. You can move the cart as needed from a convenient place to your makeshift kitchen.

2. Make plans for your kids to stay clear of the work zones. It can be an adventure for little ones to have visitors with unusual tools and supplies in the house. Put up baby gates and explain the rules of not entering certain areas. Keep a closer-than-usual watch on your children’s whereabouts.

3. Ask your friends, family and neighbors for help. While it’s nice to handle things on your own, long renovation projects can be quite inconvenient at times. You may need to take a shower, find a place to stay for a few nights or just need a place to hang out and relax. With a little notice, most people are happy to help any way they can.

4. Organize your most important items. Pull them together in one safe place away from the action. Once work begins, it’s very easy to lose track of things, especially if you’ve lost your routine command center. Your temporary base might include a place to put your keys, mail, mobile devices and chargers, message board and other essentials.

5. Don’t forget your furry friends. Pets can be curious or skittish when faced with visitors and unfamiliar noises. Keep them safe by sending them on a vacation at a friend’s house, consider doggie daycare or take them to a boarding kennel. If you feel a need to keep them at home, secure the areas they’re in to keep them calm and comfortable.