2021 Home Remodeling Trends

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2021 Home Remodeling Trends You Should Know for Your Next Renovation

House with brown siding, stone pillars, and sloped roof Are you looking for a way to revamp your home, but you don’t know what’s en vogue? If so, the experts at Harvey Remodeling have you covered. We’ve put together a list of some of the biggest Home Remodeling Trends you should know about, so you can start renovating your house into the home of your dreams.

Goodbye Open Concepts—Hello Dedicated Spaces!

Before millions of people started spending more time at home, open concepts were all the rage. However, with working and learning from home becoming the new normal, open concepts became less of a trend and more of a burden. After all, it’s hard to focus on work when the kids are watching their favorite shows just a few feet away. Or, it’s hard to pay attention to your virtual lecture when the family cat keeps trying to sleep on your laptop.

To combat this problem, many homeowners have ditched open concepts in favor of dedicated spaces for the home remodeling projects. Whether you need a home office to work in peace, a mini classroom for distance learning, or a home theater to watch your favorite film without disturbing others, a dedicated space is where you can have some privacy and quiet. A dedicated space can come in the form of remodeling a spare room or you can have a whole new home addition built for your house.

Outdoors Living Spaces

If spending more time at home is giving you cabin fever, a more functional outdoor living space is exactly what you need. A new pool installation is a great idea if your children are tired of sunny days cooped up in the house. And nothing goes better with a pool day than a delicious BBQ, so why not install an outdoor kitchen? If you love s’mores and swapping stories by a campfire, a fire pit is also a great investment.

Bold Colors

It’s amazing how a dash of vibrant color can completely change the ambiance of a room. An accent wall painted a bold color can revitalize your living space or make a room appear bigger. If you’re not interested in a fresh coat of paint, brightly colored accessories and appliances—like bright red table lamps—can add depth and excitement to your home.

Multi-Zone Kitchens

With everyone at home at the same time, spaces like your kitchen can start to feel a bit crowded. The Multi-zone kitchen is a kitchen remodeling trend designed to allow everyone to seamlessly flow in and out of the kitchen without dead-ends. The key to creating a multi-zone kitchen is to have two access points so no one gets trapped or blocked. You’ll also want to add a kitchen island big enough to prep, chop, and serve food all at one time.

Luxurious Bathrooms

Whether you’re washing up to prep for the long day ahead, or you prefer to unwind in a warm bath before bed, your home’s bathroom is an important part of your daily routine. So, why not embark on a bathroom remodeling project that will turn your bathroom into your own luxury spa. Create more storage for your toiletries by adding custom cabinetry or open up your space by converting your tub to a walk-in shower. And a double vanity can do wonders if you’re sharing a bathroom with your spouse.

Try Out These Trends for Yourself

If there’s a trend you want to explore for your own home, contact the experts at Harvey Remodeling. Founded in 1925, we proudly serve homeowners throughout Greater Boston, the MetroWest, and Central Massachusetts. With almost 100 years of experience under our belt, we have the skills and experience needed to perfectly execute your next home remodeling project.