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Roofing Installation

The proper installation of a roof is critically important – to ensure its longevity and keep you protected from what Mother Nature can throw your way during the four seasons. Harvey Remodeling will make sure your entire roofing system is prepared and installed correctly to protect your home and everything in it and to ensure that your warranty is valid.

Installation Day

Once we have protected the outside of your home by clearing the area of cars, patio furniture, etc. and covering your bushes and plants with tarps to shield them from damage, we will begin the tear-off of your old roof. The discarded roofing materials will be put into a dumpster for disposal by us.

We will then examine your existing roof decking and ventilation. Any damaged decking areas will be repaired to prevent leakage.

Once your decking is determined to be sound, we will lay out the roof underlayment, using the proper combination of reinforced underlayment and Ice and WaterShield™ to help prevent water damage from ice dams or heavy rainstorms.

Flashing and/or Ice & Water Shield™ is installed around penetration areas like chimneys, roof valleys and sky lights. Ridge and soffit vents are installed to ensure proper roof ventilation to protect the roof’s structure.

Roofing shingles are then installed. Applying a roof system correctly is essential for the performance of the roof and to ensure the validity of the warranty.

Once the roof is installed, our crews will cleanup any roofing material around your home’s yard. We use magnet sweepers to ensure your yard is free of nails and metal items to protect your family and animals.

Most roofing projects can be completed in just a few days, making your entire roofing experience…Easier Than You Imagined!

What Our Clients Are Saying
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Holden, MA

“All companies should be as reliable and efficient as yours. We called on you at a time when a previous contractor not only failed to complete a roofing job after five weeks but damaged the exterior of our home. Now, our only regret is that we didn’t know about you beforehand.”

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Worcester, MA

“I wanted to let you know how well the work was conducted in the installation of my new roof.”

Harvey Testimonial Logo
Worcester, MA

“The roof looks great and we have every confidence in it remaining so. We would like to compliment you on your superb staff, as well.”

Harvey Testimonial Logo
Craig & Sue
Shrewsbury, MA

“They were very open and honest with us. They would tell us when we didn’t need things. They actually ended up saving us 4 thousand dollars. They do a very good job at being honest with their customers and I was very pleased with that. I recommended them to a friend and they’re getting their roof done next week.”

Harvey Testimonial Logo
Shrewsbury, MA

“I can’t thank you enough for the job you’ve done. It was wonderful to watch such a professional handle all the many steps and people. I am completely satisfied and would definitely use Harvey Remodeling again. I will actually miss having you around and exchanging notes. My very best to you.”

Harvey Testimonial Logo
Karen Frank, Chair, Board of Buildings and Grounds & Bob Claflin, Property Manager
Shrewsbury, MA

“On behalf of The First Congregational Church of Shrewsbury, the Board of Buildings and Grounds and Property Manager Bob Claflin, I would like to thank Harvey Remodeling for an outstanding job in replacing our roof. Your project team displayed utmost professionalism at all times. The representatives of Harvey Remodeling were very safety conscious, kept the work site extremely clean and the workers were most courteous. Even the adjacent fire department personnel watching the project were so impressed that they commented to us on your company’s exemplary qualities. Harvey Remodeling is truly to be commended on a job well done. We thank you once again for a most professional job.”

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