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From adding a fresh coat of paint to installing brand new cabinetry and fixtures, there are many ways to transform your kitchen from dull to bright. Incorporating better task lighting is one way to literally brighten your kitchen, but there are other décor elements to incorporate as well. Let’s take a look:


If you have a Cape Cod, country or vintage theme in your kitchen, try painting the room white or cream with a bright accent color and light-wood or white cabinets.  Keep the flooring in the mid tone range so the room doesn’t end up looking too sterile. For Cape Cod styles, blue is also a popular accent color. You can also choose bright yellow and greens to accent your space. Use those bright colors on anything from fixtures and appliances to place mats and chair cushions to draw the eye.


Updating your cabinetry can really help brighten up the look of your kitchen. Switch from dark wood, to white cabinets with glass-panes to lighten your kitchen. White is a perennial favorite among homeowners. In fact, a recent National Kitchen & Bath Association survey, as reported on HouseLogic, revealed that 67 percent of respondents would choose white kitchen cabinets over anything else. The hardware you choose here is important and should match the style of your kitchen. Brushed nickel pulls and knobs can really lend a modern feel to any space. Other upgrades you can incorporate include sliding drawers, dividers or Lazy susans to boost your organization and help with flow.


From glass mosaics to tiled patterns, a backsplash can add that unexpected oomph your kitchen has been missing. For a jolt of energy to the room, try vertical, thin black and gray glass tiles running horizontally along the back wall, suggests Better Homes and Gardens. Likewise, slender glass tiles in creamy tones offset by copper accents can incorporate a neutral color palette that’s trendy and modern.


If you only have one overhead light in your kitchen, chances are it’s not bright enough to properly illuminate the whole space. Task lighting is important for different areas of the room. Try muted pendant lighting over the eating areas for a decorative look, while incorporating undercabinet, recessed or directional lighting over task and prep areas for more concentrated illumination. From brushed nickel and stainless steel to mosaic tile and artisan blown glass, your lighting options are endless.

The best thing about brightening up your kitchen is that there are a lot of options to transform your kitchen into a room where you want to spend time with the family or entertain. Whether you choose to do a full-remodel of the kitchen or upgrade a few different aspects of your kitchen, the opportunities to add some light and color to your kitchen are essentially endless.15 important questions to ask before you begin your remodel

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