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Traditional Construction Vs. Design/Build Remodeling

View of the front of a large homeWhen contemplating your next construction or remodeling project, there are many choices you’ll have to make. One big decision is whether to go with the traditional construction process or hire a design/build company instead. To help you make an informed decision on this question, here are some helpful points to consider.

Traditional Construction

Traditional construction is the most common construction process used in the United States and is sometimes referred to as “Design-Bid-Build”. This process involves a property owner working with a design company to create the construction plans he/she desires. Then once the design plans have been finalized, the owner contacts contractors to receive bids to work on the proposed project. Using this construction process, the owner acts as a middleman between the designers and contractors, relaying important information and ensuring all plans are complete and correct.

Design/Build Remodeling

Alternatively, design/build remodeling uses a singular company that is responsible for creating the design plans and constructing the project. The design/build process features a much higher amount of collaboration between the designers and builders, both of which are typically employed by the design/build firm. This streamlines the process, reduces risks, and saves time and money. The owner also avoids the sometimes difficult position of acting as an intermediary between designers and contractors.

Benefits of Design/Build Remodeling

When comparing the two construction processes, design/build remodeling offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it makes the completion of a project much less stressful for the owner. There’s no need to search for both an excellent design team and construction company. With design/build, you choose one company and you’re set. You also save yourself the trouble of trying to clarify design plan questions or manage potential disputes that occur between your design company and contractors. Hiring a design/build company requires no in-depth knowledge of construction or design plan creation and aligns the goals of everyone involved.

If you’re concerned about the budget of your construction project, design/build remodeling will offer you relief. Multiple studies have concluded that the design/build process is more cost effective than traditional construction. In fact, homeowners can save an average of 6% by using design/build. But money isn’t the only thing you’ll save when choosing design/build remodeling. You can also save a significant amount of time. Since design/build companies handle everything in-house, the whole process is streamlined and there are fewer delays for your project. You also avoid the time spent searching for two companies instead of one. Overall, projects that use design/build are completed up to 33% faster than those using traditional construction.

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