Plan Ahead for your Bathroom Remodel

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Master Bathroom Remodel

There are so many variables to consider!  Unless you’ve already experienced a bathroom remodel, many people don’t realize the number of trades that are needed, how long it all takes or what can affect costs.

Planning ahead can save money and time!  Following are some factors and guidelines to help you plan a successful bathroom remodel:

  • (10) trades are typically needed for a full gut bathroom remodel: demolition team, plumber, electrician, carpenter, granite company, tile installer, plaster professional, glass company, painters and cleaning crew. Some projects also require an HVAC professional if heating/ cooling needs are changing.
  • (5) local inspections are required in Massachusetts: rough plumbing, rough electrical, finished plumbing, finished electrical and final inspection of the entire project.

Knowing these things before undertaking a full bathroom remodel will provide you with a realistic understanding of the time that bathrooms can take.  Of course, no two projects are the same, so project duration will vary depending on the scope of work. Efficient scheduling of these trades and inspections takes a seasoned, professional project manager, so select your contractor carefully.  Contractors with in-house carpentry, established trade relationships and long-term experience will generally provide you with a more efficient timeline and thus, shorter duration, not to mention a better-quality job!

When designing your new bath, if you are trying to stick to a firm budget its helpful to keep a few things in mind:

  • A good way to minimize costs is keeping your fixtures (toilet, sinks etc.) in the same location. Moving plumbing likely increases costs.
  • Be sure to discuss any code-related requirements so you know the costs ahead of time and can plan for them.

An experienced design-build company can help you plan your new bath in advance and guide you towards the look and feel you want while respecting your budget. Some of the exciting features you may want to incorporate include:

  • Frameless glass showers
  • Custom vanities
  • Free-standing tubs
  • Radiant heat floors

There’s a lot to know about bathroom remodeling, but if you consider the information here, you will increase your success and reduce your stress when undertaking your project.  And, remember: bathrooms are the second highest return on investment spaces (right behind kitchens), so your bathroom remodel will likely give your home higher resale value, not to mention personal enjoyment in the meantime.