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When you think about a summer spruce-up, you might automatically think of your home’s interior. However, don’t neglect the exterior of your home when it comes time to prepare for the warm and sunny weather. With summer upon us, it’s crucial to give the outdoors just as much attention as the indoors when sprucing up your home. Even if you’re too busy to plant new flowers or trim the hedges, there are some outdoor summer cleaning projects that can’t be ignored.

Cleaning Out and Inspecting the Gutters
Gutters are essential to keeping your home free of damage during heavy rain and snow. Since they take a beating during the fall and winter months, now is the time to make sure they’re free of blockages and haven’t been damaged. While it isn’t too difficult to clear the gutters around your home of pine needles, leaves or other debris, it’s best to have a professional come out to do a full inspection. You can make it part of your outdoor home renovation. A professional can make sure that the downspouts are clear, checking to see that all the components of your gutters are free of damage and in good working order. Doing a summer spruce-up can prevent long-term neglect and minimize future roofing problems.

Checking the Roof for Damage
Like the gutters, the roof’s function is fairly obvious but incredibly important. Roof damage can be very subtle. While a leak in the ceiling or a cave-in is a sure sign of a problem, there are other clues. Washed out granules, curling shingles and warped flashing are also warning signs. Heavy winds, freezing and thawing, and hail can all damage roof tiles and shingles, leading to roof problems down the road. Hire a professional to inspect your roofing system from the inside and outside, and make recommendations.
Repairing or Replacing Windows and Doors
Windows and doors are the barriers between your home’s interior and exterior. The difference in pressure and climate between those two environments can put a real strain on them during the cooler months. If your windows and doors are sticking or they’re difficult to open, there could be something wrong. Windows and doors should be checked for cracks or damaged seals. The surrounding area should be checked for air leaks, which can send energy bills through the roof. Heating and cooling systems struggle to maintain comfortable air in the home as it leaks out or lets warm air inside. If the inspection reveals that your windows or doors are damaged or inefficient, they can be replaced with energy-efficient windows and doors.
With the temperatures rising and the summer season upon us, it’s time to focus some attention on the exterior of your home. Make sure it’s up to all of the challenges that the next few months could bring. If your roof is more than 20 years old or showing any of the signs we discussed above, consider having a professional come to your home to perform a thorough inspection. And don’t forget to take a look at your windows and doors to make sure your home is in top shape. Taking the time now to do a full summer spruce-up on your home can save you money and headache later.

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