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]Your kitchen is a prime place to showcase your style and personality. From your kitchen table, to your appliances, to your seating, each element of your kitchen plays a role in invoking the mood you’re trying to create.

An essential decision to consider when remodeling your kitchen is what style of kitchen cabinets to choose.

Three popular types of kitchen cabinets are inset, overlay and frameless. There are many variations and combinations of the three, and many opportunities to customize your cabinets. Below is a brief summary of each type to help you start thinking about the types of cabinets you’d like in your home.

Overlay Cabinets

Overlay cabinets, are the cabinets that you see in most homes today. They have doors and drawers in front of and slightly larger than the cabinet frame. There are two types of overlay cabinets: full and partial. Full overlay cabinets have doors that cover the entire frame, while partial overlay cabinets leave some of the frame showing. Overlay cabinets are often the most affordable choice and are available in many different styles and finishes.

Inset Cabinets

Inset cabinets have doors and drawer headers that fit inside the frame of the cabinets. Because they must be specifically fit to opening, inset cabinets require greater precision and craftsmanship than overlay cabinets. They are offered in many door styles, colors and finish options to achieve the exact look you desire.

Frameless Cabinets

Frameless, often referred to as European cabinets, are as the name suggests, they don’t have frames attached to the front of the cabinet. Frameless cabinets are great for those seeking modern and minimalist cabinets. Some of the benefits of choosing frameless cabinets include greater accessibility due to the larger opening and slightly more storage space.

Your cabinets set the tone for your kitchen, which for most people, is the focal point of their entire home. It is an important decision with many details that impact your home’s overall aesthetic. Collect pictures either online or out of magazines of kitchens that you love, and your design consultant can help you sort through the many decisions to ensure the end result is a kitchen you love!15 important questions to ask before you begin your remodel

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