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Your refrigerator doesn’t have to be the only place to store beverages in your kitchen. If you like to entertain or you have a wine collection, you might consider making a beverage center part of your next kitchen remodel. For the coffee connoisseur, a corner for your espresso machine or coffee canisters might be your favorite spot in the morning. Here’s some ideas to help you create the perfect home bar.home bar

Wet Bars

Wet bars feature a small sink with running water and countertop space for mixing beverages. They’re the perfect kitchen accent for entertaining.

Wine Coolers

Did you know that wines are meant to be stored at a different temperature than other beverages? A wine cooler with flexible temperatures for different shelves can be installed below your kitchen countertop. This will allow you to store red wine and white wine at the proper temperature for each.

Beverage Refrigerator

Chill soft drinks and juices with a grab-it-and-go drink cooler. Choose a model with an adjustable temperature setting. Some offer both vertical and horizontal shelving. Aside from convenience, a beverage fridge means you’ll open your regular refrigerator less often, so your everyday food items won’t be exposed to warm air quite so much.

Wine Racks

Keep your wine bottles in an elegant and convenient storage unit in your kitchen. Options include a custom cabinet with room for hanging glasses, or a built-in frame above your kitchen counter. Choose a wood or metal finish to coordinate with wooden cabinets or stainless steel appliances.15 important questions to ask before you begin your remodel

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