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From fixed to mobile units and curved to streamlined, there are many options available to today’s homeowner when it comes to kitchen islands. These versatile tables can be permanent or moveable features in any kitchen, providing extra storage, prep or seating space, along with a nice way to display pots and pans and decorative elements. Define your space with a kitchen island in your home. Here are some creative options for you to try.

Multi-Level Islands

To break up a sea of cabinetry and add an extra dimensional element, try a multi-level island. Top it with sleek granite and install enough work space and a sink, for both function and design. An elevated dining area provides the perfect complement to the lowered height of the work area, keeping guests at eye-level with the cook while keeping the food prep hidden with no chance of splatters, says Better Homes and Gardens.

Savvy Storage

If you’re limited on space, install a compact island. It will give you additional work space, but also additional cabinetry and storage space. An island that features vertical storage ideal for baking pans and sheets, while providing a rollout recycling bin may be a good choice. On the other end, a stool under the counter makes it easy to pull out and sit while chatting, eating or prepping. Another option is an island with an exposed side of shelving for storing everything from cookbooks to wicker baskets of serving utensils.

Restaurant- Style

For more of a functional, industrial style that lends itself well to a contemporary kitchen, try a stainless-steel restaurant-style island that offers a durable work surface with a storage-packed lower shelf for everything from produce to pots and pans.

Standalone or Attached?

Personal preference and available space both come into play here. You can have a long breakfast bar extend out from one wall with stools along one side. For kitchens that are short on space, a good idea for mobility is a wheeled cart that can be moved when space is at a premium. Pull double duty with an island that’s also a bar, which is great for those who love to entertain.

Multiple Islands

Incorporating two or more smaller islands throughout your kitchen can help you manage the flow better. One island could be for storage, with another for food prep. Still another could be for seating. Obviously, you need the room to spare, but if you can manage it, this is a beautiful, functional look to pull off.

You can get creative with your kitchen space, from adding an island to increase your seating or give you more prep space – there’s an option that is right for you.15 important questions to ask before you begin your remodel