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If you are one of the six in ten homeowners who have a pet, you know that they truly are a member of your family. Each year pet owners spend around $40 billion dollars on their furry friends, so why not take their comfort into consideration during your home remodel? There are several functional features you can incorporate in a home remodel to treat your pet.

Doggie Doors & Indoor Pet Retreats

Incorporating a doggie door into your home remodel is a simple solution that lets your dog be more independent – giving them their own way in and out even when you’re not around. Have a dog door attached to a room of their very own where they can eat, sleep, and play rather than being stuck in a crate or cage at night or while you’re away. For your feline’s space consider a private designated area for their litter box, scratching posts, food and water station and a comfy napping spot.

Built-In Storage Benches

Practical benches with removable tops are perfect for storing toys, leashes, harnesses and grooming supplies. Add an undercover toy box in your kitchen, laundry room, or patio for easy access to your pet’s accessories when you need them.

Heated Floors

Pamper yourself and your pets. Everyone will enjoy warm heated tile, vinyl or stone flooring during cold Massachusetts winters. Cats and dogs both love to curl up in cozy warm spots and the tile of heated flooring is also much easier to clean. Go for medium finishes with low luster gloss to minimize scratching.

Washing Stations

Especially for big dogs, bath time can be an ordeal. Make it easier on you and your pup by adding a washing station attached to your garage or mudroom. It also makes for convenient place to stop and rinse off paws after a muddy walk.

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