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Is your basement a cold, dreary space? Consider redefining your basement into a space the entire family can enjoy. Make it a destination where you can entertain your friends and family, or escape to. Whatever your preference, here are a few ways to spruce up your old basement into something better and more useful.

1.    Home Theater – What better way to create a space to entertain your friends and family than creating your own home theater? Add luxurious chairs or couches, a big screen TV or projector, popcorn and candy station. Make it stadium style seating to get even more space out of the room.

2.    Party Room – Use the extra space to create a comfortable and fun party room including a full-service bar, pool table, old-school gaming consoles and more. It can be a great recreational area for your kids, or a place to hang with friends for a game night that’s comfortable and inviting.

3.    Home Office – If entertaining isn’t your goal, then maybe it’s creating your very own space to do work. If you work from home, or need to catch up on work in the off-hours, then creating a space where you can stay organized and minimize distractions may be just what you need.

4.    In-Law Suite – Having some extra space for family visits is definitely beneficial. It gives them privacy and allows you some extra space from hosting family. Turn the space into a bedroom, bathroom, and maybe a kitchen or living area for them to use while visiting. It’s especially beneficial when the in-laws are staying for an extended period of time (you can thank us then).

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