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Not just for parks anymore, bench seating can make a creative addition to your kitchen, bathroom, or even living room. They’re not only great for sitting and reading, but they make beautiful decorative accents as well. Here are a few ways to get creative with benches in your home.


These are versatile, functional rooms that transition the exterior of the home to the interior. It’s a place where you bustle in, bags in hand, ready to throw off your shoes and head into the rest of the home. Place a bench seat near the door where you can take off your shoes or boots and gather your belongings before heading out of the house. For additional storage add a lift-up seat for hats and mittens. A few coat hooks above and you have a very functional space. Or opt for built-ins with bench seating for a classic look.

Built-in Seating

When designing a living room or sunroom where space is at a premium, consider a built-in cabinet or bookcase with an integrated bench seat and cushion, says House Beautiful. Adding a vibrant-colored cushion makes it an ideal place to read a book, lace up your shoes, watch some TV or just chat with a friend. Not a huge fab

Odd Shapes

Who says benches have to be rectangular? Other shapes work just as well, especially in tight-fitting spaces or unique rooms that offer a bit more opportunity for creative flair, such as man caves and kids’ rooms. Circular ottomans crafted with funky patterns aren’t just for feet. Using them for extra seating can add dimension to any room plus free up much-needed space. Square-shaped patterned box-like seating with removable tops allow for extra storage in a room that is already pressed for space.

Incorporating bench seating in your home is another way you can add creativity to any space.