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Add some conveniences to your bath and shower design for your bathroom remodeling project. Niches and shelving can be built into the wall to create the perfect place to put your bathing accessories, from soap and body wash to shampoo and conditioner.

What’s the difference between niches and shelves?

  • Niches – A niche is an area recessed into the bath or shower wall. Similar to a cubbyhole, it can have one or more resting places to accommodate your bathing necessities. Niches can be flat and square or round and curved. They make the shower caddy obsolete.
  • Shelves– Shower shelves are triangular platforms added to one or more corners. Unlike niches, they protrude from the wall’s surface. They can hold any number of bathing supplies, depending on their size and thickness. Your bathroom remodeling design team will no doubt make sure your shelves don’t sit in the direct stream of water. They should be easy to reach without taking away the all-important element of elbow room.

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