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Looking to make over your bedroom? Flooring is an important part of creating a beautiful bedroom remodel. Do you go with plush carpeting, or go sleek and traditional with hardwood floors? If your space gets a lot of traffic, are you putting it at risk of showing wear and tear? Do your research as to the textures and techniques used to install the ideal bedroom flooring.

Classic Beauty
Hardwood flooring is a timeless option when it comes to your bedroom floor, and it can add more aesthetic appeal and value to any home. You can extend the use of hardwood from the master bathroom into the master bath, if you have one, for a seamless transition from bedroom to bath that feels and looks luxurious. Got kids? Hardwood flooring is perfect for kids, thanks to its durability. Wood also goes great in a guest room because of its warm, inviting look. Traditional hardwood isn’t the only option — there are wood options to fit any budget. Try other materials like bamboo and eucalyptus, which score high in versatility and sustainability. And can be surprisingly affordable. Cork is another way to go. It can take a beating and still look great, with its resilient cushioning. Don’t even talk about installing it yourself. Our clients won’t – the idea is to talk about the options not the how-to. Not a DIY audience.

Carpeting is a classic material for any bedroom. It provides a soft cushion under your feet and gives a warm, cozy feeling, which is especially desirable in winter. Whether you decide on wall-to-wall carpet or you choose to leave a hardwood perimeter around the room, carpeting absorbs noise and can make even the biggest room feel cozy. Your carpet choice will depend on traffic level, budget and style, whether you want loop or cut weave, plush or shag. A professional can make sure that it’s installed smoothly, without bumps and folds. If you properly care for your carpet through regular vacuuming, spot cleaning, stain removal and an occasional professional cleaning, it will last for decades.

With a wide range of options when it comes to bedroom flooring, you’re sure to find the style that speaks to you. Consult with your Harvey Remodeling design team to choose the best materials and colors that will blend in perfectly with the rest of your room for a complete bedroom remodel that you love.