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A home’s lighting plays a big role in setting its atmosphere. Large open windows invoke a cheery and welcoming mood, while tinted glass doors add subtle brightness and sophistication. Deciding how to incorporate natural light into your home can help take the look of your living space to a whole new level.

Below are a few suggestions we have for making the most of the natural light surrounding your home. From light finishes to small and unexpected windows, there’s no shortage of fun and inventive ways you can liven up your house with natural lighting.

1) Choose the right color for your ceiling.

For white walls, a white ceiling is best. But if you have darker walls, paint your ceiling a lighter color that isn’t white often a shade further down on a color swatch. This creates the illusion of a brighter space and tends to make rooms look larger than they really are. A win-win.

2) Incorporate glass into your home.

Glass doors help tremendously when trying to bring more natural light into your house. And with frosted and tinted glass, privacy will never have to be sacrificed at the expense of a brighter and livelier living space.

3) Add light finishes.

If your cabinets are darker, add some light in your kitchen with lighter countertops and flooring. This adds contrast, breaks up the dark colors, and creates a more interesting space.

4) Let natural light in.

Whether that means installing new windows or shaking off the heavy curtains, we love incorporating natural light into homes for many reasons. Natural light can cut down on your electric bill and bring the outside in. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than letting nature play a role in brightening and warming up your living areas.

From windows, to accents, to paint choices, there are many ways to add more natural light to your home.

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