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Range hoods not only provide an important functional purpose in the kitchen, they can also make a bold design statement. Let’s take a look at four popular range hood designs.

Seamless Cabinetry
Wood range hood options come in many varieties including curved chimney designs or sleek rectangular models. Matching molding and trim creates a seamless transition into your cabinets and the rest of your kitchen.

Island Accent
For the island cooktop, ceiling-mounted range hoods are a popular option. Choose a style that mimics the curves, angles and lines found throughout your kitchen.

Make your range hood an attractive focal point of the kitchen with a plaster or wood design that resembles a mantel. These are typically larger hoods that addsan architectural element to your new kitchen.

Metal Adornments
Consider a metal range hood to compliment other metal accents such as drawer pulls, hinges and lighting fixtures. Brushed bronze and stainless steel can also draw out the colors in your backsplash and cabinetry.

Planning a kitchen remodel? Our Harvey Remodeling design team offers 3D rendering as part of the planning process so you can see what your new kitchen will look like before you build.

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