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The goal for this website and blog is to introduce you to Harvey Remodeling and provide you with information as you conduct research about home remodeling. Every month there will be a different theme and focus around design and remodeling. With the winter months here, everyone is spending more time inside and can benefit from a place to refresh and recharge. It’s a good time to discuss bathroom remodeling. This month in our blog we will review: “7 Questions to ask yourself when planning a Bathroom Remodel”

Question #1: What is it about your bathroom that you cannot live with anymore? Is your bathroom out-of-date and you need a modern new style? Is it difficult to keep clean? Are you tired of hours spent cleaning the bathroom? Is it functioning well for you and your family? Do you need more storage space or another sink? Is a spa tub something you would really enjoy or would you like a beautiful multi-head shower experience instead? Share the answers to these questions with your designer and it will help begin the process that will lead to the bathroom you will love! Next post: Question #2…

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