5 Professional Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom

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Whether you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel or are ready to move forward with your design, it’s important to note that a successful bathroom remodel requires careful planning and attention. From managing your budget to choosing niches and shelves, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. If you aren’t sure where to begin, then these 5 professional tips for remodeling a bathroom will help you to get started on the bathroom of your dreams.

Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom

Choose the Right Type of Remodel

When planning your new bathroom, make sure to consider the type of remodel that best suits your wants and needs. Would updating finishes be enough? Or are you unhappy with the layout and would rather have the freedom to design a completely new bath?

Consider Storage Options

From the linen closet to the shower, planning ahead for storage spaces is important. Your design expert can help you to evaluate the best spots for adding shelves or cabinets without sacrificing aesthetics, so be sure to discuss the items that you keep in your bathroom. Don’t forget to think about in-shower storage options, too.

Consider Your Investment Amount

It is important to think about the amount you are comfortable investing in your home. Your needs and wants will likely drive your overall investment amount, and you may also consider how much you like your neighborhood, how long you plan on staying in you home and how big an improvement the remodel will have on your daily life. Your design consultant can help you to identify which choices will have the biggest impacts on your budget, so you can prioritize your wish list and won’t have to sacrifice important items, (like that freestanding bathtub you’ve always wanted).

Keep Your Bathroom Dry

Without proper bathroom ventilation, not only are you making your home susceptible to code violations, but you’re leaving your family vulnerable to mold or mildew exposure. Inadequate or incorrect ventilation and moisture control can cause health issues and is an area you want to ensure you have the correct information. Ask your design consultant to discuss the tools for moisture control in your bathroom from exhaust fans to mildew-resistant paint.

Don’t Go It Alone

Regardless of the magnitude of your project, every remodeling project has a variety of moving pieces to consider. Having the right team in place will help you to avoid tackling things that are outside of your comfort zone, and will ensure that both the experience and the end product are exactly what you set out to achieve.

Remodeling your home is about much more than updating aesthetics, it’s about investing in your family’s quality of life. For help getting started, download your free guide on the 15 Important Questions to Ask Before You Begin Your Remodel.

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