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If you’re thinking about a home addition, this is a good time to make your dream projects a reality. What features have you always wanted but never thought were possible? Now maybe they are. Whether it’s for convenience or to indulge yourself, we’ve come up with 4 dream projects you can incorporate into your next home remodel.

Home Theater

Having your own home theater is not only convenient, it’s exciting. Today’s home theaters can accommodate everything from DVD players and Blue-Ray with 3-D to high definition and LED technology. If you wish, your TV, smartphone, tablet and computer can all communicate and share access. You’ll need quality sound and a big screen to enjoy it all. Add in area lighting and a gaming console to enhance your dream home theater. While tiered seating is a popular choice, many homeowners are opting for traditional sofas, chairs and loveseats for a more casual experience. To enjoy optimal viewing of 3-D entertainment, you’ll also need your own viewing glasses. Keep in mind that there are very few universally compatible brands for glasses. They’re all battery-powered with infrared signal technology. Home projectors with LED lighting and wall-size jumbo screens are the latest trend in energy-efficient home theaters.

Game Room

Create a place for fun and games. Make room for your favorite pastimes. A good size is about as large as a two-car garage. Your game room should have something for everyone in your household. Add some of the standard basics –
a pool table or a foosball table, a dart board and a place to play cards. Put in a few arcade games and a TV for watching your favorite sports teams. Make it cozy and comfortable. Stock a cabinet with all of your game essentials, from decks of cards and board games to video cartridges and darts. Add in a wet bar with seating and perhaps a kitchenette for making snacks and drinks so you won’t have to leave your haven for refreshments. A small fridge and wine coolers chill beverages at the right temperature. A fireplace will keep the room warm on a chilly winter’s day. Don’t forget some counter space or end tables for parking drinks and your electronic devices. This room is also a great place to display hobby collections and memorabilia.

Home Gym
It’s easier to get into a fitness routine when you don’t have to drive anywhere and the gym is always open. Choose your favorite equipment, including weight machines, a treadmill, stationary bike and exercise floor. Add in yoga mats or a basketball hoop for some variety. Post a whiteboard on the wall to track your workout routines and schedules. Add a commercial gym touch by putting in sound, a TV and a DVD player to stay entertained while you’re working out. A table with a docking station for your smartphone or iPod lets you plug in your favorite music. Hang a punching bag, rings and a chin-up bar to add depth and variety to your routine.

Creating living spaces you love is meant to be part of joy of homeownership. When planning out dream projects for your next home remodel, be sure to include extra creature comforts like special lighting, and plenty of electrical outlets. Our Harvey Remodeling designers can help you create the ultimate in comfort, convenience and home entertainment.

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