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If you’re planning a home remodel, a new roof could top off your project. Use a durable and energy-efficient roofing system that can handle the cold weather, snow and ice in winter. It also needs to be versatile enough to perform well in warm summertime temperatures. Your roof slope has a strong impact on the type of materials to choose. Let’s take a look at 3 current roofing trends in Massachusetts and throughout New England.

1. Asphalt Shingles
A popular and traditional material that never goes out of style, many homeowners choose asphalt shingles for their combination of durability and affordability. A mineral granule coating over the top the asphalt layer adds texture and color. It also helps to reflect the sun’s energy and prevent excessive heat absorption. Asphalt, or composite, shingles can be used on just about any type of house style, including a steep pitch. If you’re concerned about being eco-friendly, know that recycled asphalt shingles are ground and used in many modern construction products. This includes cold patches for pothole repair, dust reduction and erosion control on gravel roads, fuel and as an additive for hot-mix asphalt.

2. Color Coordination
The emergence of artisan colors and designer shingles has brought back an old roofing trend of coordinating the roof color with the home’s exterior. With more choices in colors and styles available, it’s easier to complement the paint and trim colors with the roof color. Deep tones in gray, and muted green and teal hues, for example, make it easier to pair the roof with the popular green and blue home exterior colors. The growing availability of coordinating colors means many homeowners planning remodeling projects can step away from the practice of using contrasting shingle colors, a popular concept over the past eight or nine years.

3. Composite Slate
With a strong resemblance to slate tile roofing, composite slate is slowly appearing on more traditional home styles. It’s lighter than real slate, which often needs reinforcement to handle the weight. The selections in composite slate colors are growing with every season.

When choosing to repair or replace your house’s roof, you’ll discover many different types of roofing systems and styles available. Be sure to consult with your Harvey Remodeling design team about what the best options are for your home.15 important questions to ask before you begin your remodel